Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a Note, Not a Rant

I'm posting this here, as I just want to get this off my chest, and don't want to broadcast it all over on Facebook.  Here, no one will actually see it.  I played a gig Saturday night.  Originally, it was booked as two bands, but a third band was added to the bill a week or two before the gig.  No biggie.  Band 'A' (the band that had booked the gig) was going to play first, followed by the late addition, Band 'B', with us to close.  No problem.  Band 'A' played their set and it rocked.  All was well, I was having a good time, excited to be involved.  Band 'B' started playing, and they rocked.  Then they kept playing.  And playing.  And playing.  After their "last" song, they played 3 more songs.  When they were done, they never even mentioned that there was another band coming, and were pretty lackadaisical about getting their gear off the stage so we could set up.  As it was, we had to shave our set down considerably, as the second band had run over time so much and last call was at 2 am.  I've been playing gigs for 20+ years, and that's just rude.  I've always asked the crowd to stick around, always mentioned the other bands, always been quick to get out of the way.  It's common courtesy. 


Mangione said...

Oh yeah...we'll i clicked 'follow' on your blog so I'm all over this rant. I passed it on to Band 'B' and frankly, they are pissed. Next time they are planning to close with the live version of Freebird, so there goes your set....sukka!!

libco said...

I hate that shit.