Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disgusting Brew, No Kidding

Anyone who knows me well knows what my favorite kind of beer is: free beer. There are few beers I won't drink, and none I've found that I wouldn't try. There was one beer, however, that I had to draw the line on: Colt 45 Cool Colt. This was a malt liquor with menthol flavoring added. "Taste the Cool" was the tag line. I'm sure the marketing geniuses behind this travesty thought it was a great idea: "Demographically, African-Americans are the biggest consumers of malt liquor, and, demographically, they are also the biggest consumers of menthol cigarettes. They'll love it! Two great tastes that taste great together!" said the advertising whiz, shortly before he lost his job after sales figures came in.
Anyway, a cold brew with a minty-fresh aftertaste just wasn't a good idea. If I want that kind of combination, I can drink a beer immediately after I've brushed my teeth. So, I'll pass, just this once, on a beer, even if it's free.

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britsngrits said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. No thanks.. I would rather wash my mouth out with old dish water than the minty fresh beer!