Friday, October 27, 2006

What Does Rove Know That We Don't?

Karl Rove told someone from NPR that despite all the polls showing a Democratic lead in crucial House races, he has figures no one else has and that he's confident the Republicans will hold their majority in Congress. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but Rove's cryptic statement unsettles me. What does he know that no one else knows? It's probably just the need to appear confident, but it still makes me wonder and worry a bit.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the polls samples sometimes. It's surprising how unbalanced they are. Polls are often wrong. In New York about 10 years ago, polls showed Mario Cuomo trouncing Pataki for the state's governorship. Pataki won with a comfortable margin. Same thing happened in NJ with Whitman. The point being, there is an agenda behind every poll, whatever it says and it always pays to look at the sample. I know your post is supposed it insinuate dirty dealings that the GOP is planning to rig the election, but you could look at it the other way and say the Dems are setting it up so that even if they lose they can claim "we was robbed!"

Stephen Beckner said...

You're absolutely right about the polls and the way they are slanted for a specific result--don't forget "Dewey Defeats Truman!"
I was honestly expressing a feeling of misgiving I had when Rove made his comment; it made me wonder--with technology the way it is today, it makes it easier for me to consider something possible that in past years I wouldn't have given a second thought. Plus, I don't have any trust in the scruples, morals, ethics of Mr. Rove. I believe he's dishonest(I realize that's his job--spin it!).
Your point about the Dems setting it up doesn't hold up for me, Rove made the comment, not Ted Kennedy.
The GOP has always been better about getting out the vote; Rove may have been referring to info related to that; I will be voting next Tuesday, I hope you will, too; it's our duty as citizens.
Thanks for the post!